DATE     Dec 5, 2020

TIME     6:00pm-8:00pm

COST     $10

Single elimination bracket tournament. Two squads 4 team each 4V4

Game Rules

• All players will use Switch Pro-Controllers

• Players must be respectful to fellow players and guests. This is an all age’s event and use of; profanity, slander, racial, harassment or discrimination will result in immediate disqualification. Game Marshall has the right to add/change the rules at any point if needed.

• No threats or violence

• There is absolutely no cheating, the Game Marshall reserves the right to disqualify or eject if a player is disrespecting the rules

• Offensive, vulgar, or obscene usernames, avatars, or team names will not be permitted and will result in disqualification

• Intentionally delaying, slowing game play or any other known/unknown manner of tampering with game play is not permitted

• Cheating or collusion of any sort through any means

Any player behaving inappropriately may be disqualified from event and will not receive a refund.

Game Settings

Mode: Exhibition/Soccer
Time Setting: 5 minutes
Stage Selection: Random/Game Marshalls Choice
Win Condition: Team with the highest score at the end of each game.
Win Condition: 2 Squads, 4 games each with the final being the best player from each squad


1st place: $80 Gift Card to UltraStar per team
2nd place: $40 Game Card to UltraStar per team