DATE     Dec 4, 2020

TIME     6:00pm-8:00pm

COST     $5

2v2 Search and Destroy first of three

Game Rules

• Screen Sides will be determined by an initial coin flip. Alternate per match if players request

Character Selection:

• free for all selection will be used unless blind pick is requested

Match Play:

• Best two of three for all but the final round, which will be a best three of five

• The winner of each game will be required to keep the same characters for the next game, the player who lost the last game is allowed to choose new characters

Equipment Failure:

• In the event of an equipment failure the player has the option to stop the game in progress to obtain a replacement

• If the equipment is brought by the player, said player will forfeit the round, house equipment will not incur a forfeiture. New equipment must be available within five minutes of the end of the game

Tournament Styles:

• Bracket tournament, with double elimination when more than 12 players are present. Single elimination or round robin will be implemented at the houses discretion for lower numbers

• Battle Royal games will be first to reach two wins